I’m Mammen Joseph, Founder & Director


Peniel Gospel Team (PGT) is a non profitable organization which runs with a vision to serve God and Nation. It is located at the foothills of the vast range of the Himalayas and is a plain land gently sloping from north to south.  It shares border with Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.  This place is landscaped by the beautiful tea gardens and green fields. About 80% of the people are below the poverty line.

The work was started almost 45 years ago, in 1975 as a new believer from the south of India, Lord gave me a vision to travel north with the Gospel. I had a burden for North East India. I believed firmly as it says in the Bible that, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’

I also believed that serving humanity and uplifting the community is the best way to serve God and serve Nation. During the period I came in here, the people who lived here was so much under darkness of ignorance and illiteracy. My heart moved with compassion and prayed earnestly that God will help me to help the people through social work, education and financial aid.

In the year 1978, God blessed me with a wonderful partner who shouldered with me the vision and dream I had for this region. For a community to be uplifted and progressed, education is the key tool. My wife, Mrs. Alice Mammen took the lead in providing education then in 1981, to the villagers in this region that now turned into one of the leading school in this region and a landmark in this area.

As we stepped together into more remote villages of north Bengal, we felt a great need of developing a team who will work alongside with us to help the people who are in need. Gradually God allowed us as a team then called as PENIEL GOSPEL TEAM in 1984 to perform more social activities in different parts of North Bengal.

Now when I turn back through the last 45 years of God’s goodness and faithfulness, I am glad that God enabled Peniel Gospel Team to be a catalyst in bringing about a significant development in the region we are placed in.

As a sapling then into a tree, Peniel Gospel team also could grow and branch out in various dimensions through various social, educational and financial assistance we could together initiate and conduct various programs namely:  feeding programs in various villages, adult education, Income generating training programs, children homes and child care centres, free education in six village schools, provision of safe drinking water,relief work in times of natural calamities and disasters, even now during these trying times as covid-19 spreads.

Hebron school , Bagdogra (1981)and Hebron School, Rangia(2014) are educational institutions that provide education as per Indian government standards, which have almost 3000 students enrolled in together.

As Bible reminds , Love your neighbor as yourself, Peniel Gospel Team strives more each day that through small and steady steps we will be able to help and uplift the community and serve God.

Can we count on you?